Welcome to the Augusta Community Caring Center

Volunteers helping our community and county

The Caring Center receives donations of good quality, used, clean clothing from donors. This clothing is sorted and the best is selected to be displayed and offered to our clients. Clothing is available for Butler County resident. Unused clothing is passed on to other organizations who provide it free to people in need. Some of this clothing goes to ministries world-wide.
Each household with an Augusta address is allowed to take up to 6 pantry boxes of food each calendar year. Each box is designed to provide three meals to each member of the family for three days. If the household receives distributions from the special programs those boxes do not count against the six pantry boxes. Special boxes for Thanksgiving and Christmas also do not count. Donated baked goods from Dillons and WalMart are free to anyone living in Butler County.
Each household with an Augusta address is eligible for up to $100 in utility assistance each calendar year as funds allow. To apply for this assistance, bring in your last utility bill. It is as simple as that.
The Caring Center has books for children, young adults and adults and inspirational material. We also have household goods (dishware, small appliances, decorative items). All items donated to the Caring Center are free to our clients.